Our Process

At Schultz Retirement Income Solutions, we have developed a process for building a strong and trusted relationship. 

Here are the steps.

Meet : 

Our first meeting is simply an opportunity for us to get to know each other. This is a time for you to ask questions about us and share your thoughts on what you'd like to achieve. In turn, we learn about you, share our financial planning philosophy and introduce you to the next phases of our process.


We want to take the worry out of financial planning. This is why we ask that you share information about yourself.  To help you provide this information in the most efficient manner, we will provide you with a questionnaire.

We will use the data you provide to create easy-to-understand reports that will offer insights into your current situation. During this process, we may contact you to clarify and/or expand upon the information in the questionnaires.

Create & Present:

Once we have established your financial objectives and outlined a strategy to help you reach them, we will begin to formalize your plan. Your financial plan may include restatement of goals and concerns; cash flow and tax planning; retirement, investment and estate planning; risk management; and education funding. The pieces of your plan are, of course, dependent on your individual needs. The creation and presentation of your financial plan may require several meetings as we make adjustments based on your feedback. After all, this is a plan for your life. It is being created exclusively for you and will guide our decisions from that point forward. Your input – our overall comfort with your plan – is very important to us.


Once we have fully presented your financial plan, it is time to put it into action. Working with your other professional advisors, such as your accountant and attorney, we begin the process of investing your money and managing those investments. While you may always choose not to implement a portion of the plan, we believe that a full commitment will render the best results.

Monitor & Manage:

Financial planning is not a one-time event. Rather, it is an ongoing process, reflecting evolution of your attitudes and goals and continually changing scenario of events that affect your financial affairs...and your life.  We not only follow your investments, ensuring that their performance is meeting the standards we have set in place, but we also respond to changes in your life to make sure your plan grows with you.

What we don't do is react to short-term market or economic shifts. We adhere to a long-range approach to financial planning and design your plan to weather shifting external factors. If we feel a change is justified based on your risk tolerance or future goals – or where life in general seems to be taking you – we will discuss potential alternatives with you and make specific moves to adjust your plan.

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